Dental Medical Equipment

Dental Medical Equipment Introduction

Dental medical devices are those kind of small hand-held tools used in dentistry. It is also called the dental instruments in the world. Dental medical devices include dental mobile phone, mobile phone sterilizer, oral tooth forceps, and other operation. There are also manual dental equipment, dental rotary instruments, and root canal instruments. The range of ental medical instrument is wide, and no any other dental equipment company can run without those tools. The corresponding international group ISO/TC106 SC4 is responsible for the standardization work.

Dental Equipment Classification

There are many kinds of dental equipments. The integrated dental treatment equipment comprises a dental chair, automatic dental treatment units, a mobile phone, a variety of power air compressor, physicians, nurses, desktop electric chair seat, drill, electric dental drill, pneumatic dental drill, built-in or independent type negative pressure suction drainage device. In addition, dental treatment apparatus includes a light curing machine, ultrasonic scaler, dusting scaler, amalgam blending machine, endodontic instrument, LED dental curing light. Dental implant device includes a tooth machine, implant devices, implants, planting machine, nail machine, molding machine. A dental laser device comprises a low power laser machine, water system, Laser Teeth Whitening laser system, oral cavity laser therapeutic instrument. Dental sterilization device includes a constant temperature oven, high temperature and high pressure steam sterilizing stove, high-temperature sterilization drying machine, UV and ozone lamp, ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaner Dental mobile phone sterilizer, electric thermostat box, mobile phone, cleaning and oiling machine. Dental devices include mechanic electric drill, technical work table, pressing machine, mechanic oscillator, mold filling shock machine. Polishing machine, polishing machine, cast porcelain furnace, electrolyzer, denture polishing machine, electrolytic polishing, sandblasting polishing machine, vacuum mixer, mixer, agar melting furnace, Mao Fu automatic electric oven, casting, centrifugal casting machine, high frequency centrifugal casting machine, vacuum casting machine, vacuum embedding machine, sandblasting machine red wax, scouring device, steam cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, electric welding machine, box resistance furnace, gypsum model trimmer, metal cutting polishing machine, electric saw, molding machine, trimming machine, electric plaster model of scouring machine, mechanic electric mobile phone, electronic welding machine, spot welder, electric welder desktop dental, laser spot welding, laser welding machine.

Dental Equipment Development

Dental equipment is constantly upgrading with the product stability, durability, security, multiple functions, high speed and small, and the structure is also going to the combination of direction, so as to achieve the complete functions, reasonable equipment, convenient operation, reduce the cost of the device, convenient maintenance and repair, shorten the treatment time with the improvements of work conditions to alleviate the pain of patients and reducing the labor intensity of doctors to oral.

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