Introduction of Hot Stone Therapy

The suitable symptoms of hot stone therapy

First, Eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia.

Second, Muscle aches, migraine headaches, articular and non-articular rheumatism, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, PMS, back pain, back pain, knee pain, gout, sports injuries, peripheral joint pain, hangovers, foot patch, neck stiffness and dizziness.

Third, Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, health fitness, immune enhancement, allergies, colds, low sexual function, endocrine, improve the circulation, cold hands and feet, digestive infertility, hiccups, constipation, muscle atrophy, muscle stiffness, spasms and ringing in the ears.

Fourth, Cellulite, weight loss, water retention, edema, breast, stretch marks, menopausal symptoms, dark spots, acne and aging.

Fifth, improve attention, enhance memory and emotion management.

hot stone massage set can be used to improve these symptoms.

Unsuitable symptoms of hot stone therapy

First, Loss of feeling, neuropathy, diabetes, high blood pressure, surgery, injury, trauma affect nerve.

Second, the people who are receiving drug treatment, while have side effects to the heat of these drugs.

Third, Fever and the body temperature elevate.

Fourth, Cardiac patients

Fifth, Arteriovenous aneurysm, phlebitis, lymphadenitis

Sixth, Pregnant

Seventh, patients with cancer (including skin cancer)

Eighth, patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Ninth, Immune system disease, including lupus, simple sclerosis and HIV / AIDS

Tenth, Psoriasis, burns, sunburn, ulcers, blisters, acne, dermatitis, herpes, shingles and other acute skin condition

Eleventh, Contagious diseases, in particular, such as patients with various sexually transmitted diseases

Twelfth, the taboo status of any massages treatment, such as fractures, inflammatory edema, and hematoma

Function of hot stone

The hot stone has the function of detoxification, the heat of hot stone can help rid the body of toxins, and the hot stone contains minerals as well as absorption of essential oils with their own cosmetic effect, which is easily absorbed by the skin when the temperature increase, the weight of the stone itself can pressure on the human body and acupuncture points with a soothing relaxation to achieve the role of the body. The use of the hot stone with some slimming, whitening effect of essential oil, or foot patch is among the most popular methods of care, hot stone massage set. Hot stone can replace beautician hand. You may be surprised, we always said that the hands are the most dexterous tool, then why use the hot stone to take the place of the hands of the beautician? This is because the stone has a good thermal insulation property, and when it is heated to a certain temperature, it will be maintained for a long period of time, and the high temperature makes the essential oils absorbed penetrate deep in the skin, which can also be applied simultaneously to the human body improving the efficiency of care.
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